The Test Procedure in Detail

Ready to learn about your prefer­ences and personal strengths in a more systematic manner? Then do the iTYPE test! Your individual perception-based person­ality profile is just four steps away:

Step 1: Choose an iTYPE consultant

You may approach us with through the contact form, so we can suggest the consultant that best suits you and your request.



Step 2: Experience iTYPE 

After receiving your TAN, log in to the iTYPE interface on your device to do the test (internet access is required). During the test, you will intuitively assess lines, colors, struc­tures, patterns, and shapes arranged in a certain manner. The test will take some 10 minutes.

Step 3: Evaluate the result 

Based on your assess­ments and inter­pre­ta­tions, a type profile will be generated. It consists of a written description of several pages and an illus­trative graphic. The result will be made available to your iTYPE consultant as a PDF file in the test database.

Step 4: Define your goals

Your iTYPE consultant will evaluate and walk you through your type profile during your in-person appointment. In accor­dance with the iTYPE test result, your iTYPE consultant will work with you to determine your future goals.

Want to try iTYPE? No problem!