iTYPE Sales Profiler

The iTYPE Sales Profiler is designed for users working in sales or distri­b­ution. Apart from providing infor­mation on core areas, it gives you the possi­bility to reflect on your sales person­ality to identify your commu­ni­cation style. You will also learn where dormant poten­tials lie and how they may be activated and developed further. This self-reflection gives you the oppor­tunity to analyze and optimize your behavior to build successful client relationships.

While this profiler is meant for those with a sales background, it can also be used for career consulting and recruiting.


  • What are my typical incli­na­tions and preferences?
  • How do these incli­na­tions influence me in sales?
  • What are the typical patterns in my sales behavior?
  • What are my basic strengths and potentials?
  • How do they impact in my sales success?

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iTYPE Sales Profiler

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