iTYPE Leadership Profiler

The iTYPE Leadership Profiler has been designed for people with management respon­si­bil­ities, like execu­tives, project managers, or team managers (entry-level and profes­sional). Apart from providing infor­mation about general incli­na­tions and prefer­ences, it also sheds light on individual leadership and management compe­tences. It also explains the relationship between the person­ality and the leadership behavior. 

The iTYPE leadership profiler is an excellent tool in executive coaching or training to reinforce leadership.


  • How do I lead?
  • What are my incen­tives for leadership?
  • What stresses me?
  • How do I react in crisis situations?
  • How can I adapt my leadership to situa­tions and person­ality types?

iTYPE Leadership Profiler

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