iTYPE Professional Profiler

The iTYPE Profes­sional Profiler can tell you about person­ality traits with respect to your overall profes­sional perfor­mance. It allows users to learn more about the four core areas of energy uptake, perception, decision-making, and attitude toward life. The evalu­ation provides infor­mation on incli­na­tions and prefer­ences, and also reveals strengths and poten­tials. With your coach, you will be able to apply that infor­mation to further develop your profes­sional and personal skills. 

The iTYPE Profes­sional Profiler is used mainly in staff coaching, but also in career and profes­sional consulting or team development.


  • What are my typical incli­na­tions and preferences?
  • In what environment do I feel especially well?
  • What kind of tasks suits me?
  • How do I react in crisis situations?
  • What are the condi­tions that allow me to take full advantage of my potentials?

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iTYPE Professional Profiler

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