Deploy Strengths Where Needed

Regardless of whether you're in management, sales, team devel­opment, or human resources, it is crucial to be aware of the person­al­ities and strengths of your co-workers and candi­dates. Not only what motivates them, but also how they cope with stress and how they commu­nicate or make decisions.

iTYPE detects uncon­scious strengths and behavior patterns, revealing one's potential for future devel­opment. It offers every­thing you need to make the correct decisions for your team.

How Can I Use iTYPE?

Detection of potentials
and recruitment

iTYPE allows you to recognize the potential of your prospective or current employees. Therefore, you can create a team based on who is the most suitable for the role or project. 

Development of executives
and employees

iTYPE widens the compe­tences for execu­tives and employees by giving them the ability to reflect on their behavior. It allows them to differ­en­tiate between their self-image and their uncon­scious drive for action. They will be able to recognize, deploy, and consciously control their own strengths and poten­tials for development.

Motivation and
conflict managem

By identi­fying strate­gi­cally matching person­al­ities, iTYPE can increase produc­tivity, solve conflicts, and enhance co-operation within a team. This means measures such as coaching, training, or team building may be purpose­fully planned and implemented.

Sales and

iTYPE stream­lines commu­ni­cation with your clients and builds awareness based on different client person­al­ities. It can also improve the sales process and increases your business success.

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