Certification as an iTYPE Personality Consultant

A digital format for experienced and quick thinkers

iTYPE is a perceptual and objective person­ality test that allows HR experts, trainers, and coaches to detect the strengths of their co-workers or clients. The iTYPE  certi­fi­cation is a compli­mentary tool for experi­enced trainers and coaches. Personnel devel­opers can also use the Strength Profilers to make sure that employees are used to their full potential. If you have experience with different person­ality models and are inter­ested in a test that's fast, simple, and culture-independent, then iTYPE may be the tool for you. 

When you become certified,you will obtain deeper insight into the measurement procedure and how to interpret the iTYPE approaches. Having this knowledge is one of iTYPE’s main advan­tages. You can confi­dently use this infor­mation in your training, coaching, or even when selecting staff. From leadership devel­opment and sales training to relationship design and conflict management, iTYPE can be used for various topics.

This certi­fi­cation applies your existing knowledge of person­ality diagnostics to iTYPE's background. Hence, it is a compre­hensive tool for devel­oping client and organi­zation-tailored concepts.

The certification process as a digital format:

Initially, you will be given access to view your own iTYPE profile, which will then be evaluated with a phone call or virtual meeting.

Required reading

“The power of perception – on the laws of design, bases of construction and things WORTH noting on visual perception” – private study of the book “Vielfalt gewinnt (Variety Wins)”

Certification day

We will meet digitally on two consec­utive mornings from 09:00 am — 02:00 pm. We will deepen what you have learnt in advance and prepare you for appli­cation in counselling, coaching and training situations.

The certi­fi­cation starts with an intro­duction to the iTYPE person­ality profiles. You will learn which levels iTYPE measures and how the 16 different person­ality profiles are made up. We will then famil­iarise you with the current state of research and focus on the basic approaches of the under­lying PSI theory by Prof. Julius Kuhl. Exercises and case studies will qualify you for the use of iTYPE in counselling and coaching, in sales and negoti­ation training, in personnel and management devel­opment and in team development.

You will learn

  • what is behind iTYPE – its historical and theoretical backgrounds
  • the neuro­sci­en­tific and neuro­bi­o­logical findings under­lying iTYPE
  • how the iTYPE Types Profiles are designed and how it's different from other person­ality tests
  • the differ­ences between iTYPE person­al­ities and how to use these findings to commu­nicate with different types
  • how to interpret the Types Profilers’ incli­nation profile
  • the iTYPE’s benefits and possi­bil­ities of employment
  • how to explain and employ iTYPE in your coaching
  • how iTYPE enriches your training concepts

At the end of the workshop day, you will receive 5 free TANs, in order to get some first experi­ences in evalu­ating the profiles.

Virtual Follow-Up

After 4 to 6 weeks, join your certi­fi­cation group for a 180-minute virtual meeting to discuss any challenges you have faced. You can also ask questions and discuss any deployment-oriented issues.

Also included with your certification

  • the manual and other inter­esting documen­tation for follow-up
  • the training set containing presen­ta­tions, training guide, exercises, partic­i­pants, and acqui­sition documentation
  • iTYPE partner portal access for an autonomous gener­ation of access TANs and the organi­zation of your own projects
  • marketing support through the official iTYPE website
  • marketing and practice materials (image brochure, flyer)
  • regular exchange of experi­ences for iTYPE person­ality consultant
  • individual support through the iTYPE hotline for personal questions and challenges

Upon successful completion of the certi­fi­cation workshop, you will receive an iTYPE Person­ality Consultant Certificate. You can use the partner portal on i‑TYPE GmbH to order the iTYPE Profilers and to invoice your clients for your coaching and seminars.

Target group and certification requirements 

Working with the iTYPE person­ality profiles can be challenging, which is why iTYPE Certi­fi­cation is meant for experi­enced and certified trainers, coaches, and personal devel­opers. In addition, you should already be working in coaching and human devel­opment and have knowledge about person­ality models.

Your invest

1.150,00 € plus VAT

These costs include a personal iTYPE Profes­sional Profile for each partic­ipant prior to the digital certi­fi­cation workshop, as well as the book “Vielfalt gewinnt (Variety Wins)” and 10 free TANs.

We will be glad to arrange a conver­sation with you and clarify any questions you may.

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    04 and 05 July 2024 – 09:00 am until 02:00 pm

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    18 and 19 December 2024 – 09:00 am until 02:00 pm

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