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The perceptual person­ality identification

iTYPE uncovers hidden potentials

The way we perceive the world has a major impact on our behavior – both in our relation­ships and our management tasks. But the problem is that we are often unaware of our strengths and personal prefer­ences. And without knowing them, we can’t reach our full potential. 

iTYPE is an innov­ative tool based on perceptual analysis criteria. It’s designed to detect those hidden strengths and prefer­ences – for you and your teammates. iTYPE unlocks a world of knowledge, making it an amazing tool for any team.

iTYPE makes the unconscious conscious

Tradi­tional person­ality tests rely on language to identify different strengths and fields of devel­opment. Unfor­tu­nately, the results are primarily based on personal beliefs and images. Not to mention, they can also be distorted by social stigmas and outside influences. 

Unlike those tests, iTYPE measures person­ality traits exclu­sively on the perception of images, like lines, shapes, colors, symbols, and symme­tries. The results are not focused on one’s own self-concept but rather on the uncon­scious perception that influ­ences our decisions. iTYPE helps identify those unknown incli­na­tions and prefer­ences, giving you the tools to further develop your strengths.

iTYPE offers numerous advantages

Scientifically proven

iTYPE is an innov­ative procedure that measures personal perceptual prefer­ences based on the latest scien­tific findings in neuropsy­chology and neuroaesthetics.

Quick and easy

In just 10 minutes, iTYPE identifies an individual person­ality and strengths profile that includes both conscious and uncon­scious person­ality traits.

Efficient and affordable

iTYPE is an objective, highly efficient, and inexpensive analytical tool with a strong validity. It's especially apt for staff selection and development.


With its diverse analytical focuses, iTYPE can be used in numerous ways. 

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iTYPE implicitly detects pre-conscious person­ality struc­tures using visual stimuli. This makes iTYPE clear, easy to use, and tamper-proof.


iTYPE is designed to create an individual person­ality and strength profile – indepen­dently of a participant’s cultural background.

Individual and safe

iTYPE may be tailored for diverse target groups and settings. The evalu­ation is performed by our certified iTYPE consul­tants, individ­ually and in conformity with GDPR regulations.

iTYPE identifies strengths

Depending on the target group, iTYPE can present your results based on four different strength profilers.

iTYPE Leadership

The iTYPE Leadership Profiler shows your strengths and compe­tences to lead and motivate co-workers, in addition to how you can deal with conflict.

iTYPE Sales

The iTYPE Sales Profiler allows you to see your sales commu­ni­cation strengths more consciously, thus ensuring better sales results.

iTYPE Professional

The iTYPE Profes­sional Profiler makes you aware of your overall profes­sional strengths and sheds light on efficient commu­ni­cation used in your work environment.

iTYPE Small

The iTYPE Small Profiler focuses on your core person­ality and provides a glimpse into your learning habits, work style, stress behavior, and leadership personality.


Inter­ested in perceptual person­ality identi­fi­cation? Would you like to use iTYPE in your enter­prise or become an iTYPE coach yourself?

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