Measuring Personality Traits

The iTYPE person­ality test consists of simple depic­tions that may be perceived and inter­preted in multiple ways. These different inter­pre­ta­tions of visual stimuli provide hints about the way someone works, perceives infor­mation, or makes decisions. 

iTYPE works with four dimen­sions to charac­terize person­al­ities: energy uptake, perception, decision-making, and attitude toward life. 

Using these dimen­sions, iTYPE can predict one's prefer­ences. iTYPE combines these prefer­ences into a total of 16 person­ality types, each with their own strengths, basic attitudes, ways of relating to other, and commu­ni­cation behaviors.

Each human being is unique. But because person­al­ities are complex by nature, classi­fying them into different types allows us to think about them in a simpler and more tangible sense.