Who is Behind iTYPE?

iTYPE is a part of i‑TYPE GmbH, an enter­prise dedicated to the research and devel­opment of perceptual person­ality identi­fi­cation for psycho­metric measurement. Based on scien­tific studies and user findings, we are constantly creating new coaching, training, and workshop formats. Our goal is to support people to become conscious of their own strengths and capac­ities so that they may recognize and use their personal devel­opment potentials.

The iTYPE concept and expert-led person­ality test has many benefits. Not only will you gain greater clarity about your own person­ality, but you'll also have more insight into the strengths of your co-workers. 

The iTYPE Team

iTYPE’s core team consists of Manuela Barth, Frieder Barth, and Svea Bielert, who are all in charge of scien­tific content, organi­zation, and new client acqui­sition. Svea and Frieder also work as coaches, while Manuela is respon­sible for management, organi­zation, and accounting. Alexandra Stierle supports us as a certified iTYPE consultant during trade shows and workshops in Southern Germany.

Everyone under­stands the impor­tance of being successful and flexible. As an experi­enced and well-coordi­nated team, we always work hand in hand.

Manuela Barth

Write Manuela
The caring security inspector. She keeps eyes and ears open to make sure everyone is fine and that processes run smoothly. She's there to make sure that every­thing moves ahead.

 Frieder Barth

Write Frieder
The “gushing” visionary. He detects any devel­opment poten­tials, regardless of how tiny they may be (both in people and projects). He uses his incredible energy to lead them to success.

Svea Bielert

Write Svea
The “whirlwind”. She tackles what needs to be done with passion and vigor, taking everyone along with her warm and friendly temper.


Adrian Herrmann  (ESFP)

Write Adrian
Our carefully planned and struc­tured psychol­ogist accom­panies you on your journey of self-discovery and consci­en­tiously supports you in discov­ering your true self.

Andreas Thomma (ENTJ)

Write Andreas
Our eager-to-learn bridge builder between theory and practice. Imple­mentable ideas are crucial, always based on an appre­ci­ation of differences.

Teamwork is key

We work with a large number of certified iTYPE experts with an array of special­iza­tions (leadership, distri­b­ution, recruiting, team, etc.). Feel free to contact us so we can recommend the right profes­sional for you.